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TTF celebrates 2 decades of
enabling & inspiring teachers

The Teacher Foundation was a trailblazer, when we began in 2002 with the mission to concertedly support and build teacher capacity. Most other educational NGOs were then focusing on children. Times have changed and there are many NGOs, and rightly so, who now work with teachers.

However the depth and breadth of work TTF has done with teachers and school heads comes from knowledge that has been distilled through the collective experience of decades of working in schools and classrooms.

TTF has enabled over 89,000 teachers in a range of different ways – in teaching methods, pedagogy, assessment, classroom management, school well-being and social-emotional learning, school leadership initiatives, developing teacher coaches etc.
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Exciting Anniversary Offerings from TTF@20

We are holding a series of contests on TTF App with exciting prizes to be won! So do download the App if you haven’t already. It is available on both Android and IoS platforms.

Talking about TTF
Listen also to brief narratives from colleagues – current and past, teacher participants, Heads of Schools and donors who have all been so integral to TTF's growth and commitment to teachers.

Narrative #1 - Rashmi Vidyarthi, a coach and senior teacher from Trio School, Bangalore speaks about her professional development with TTF here.
Narrative #2 - Ratan Gopinath, our veteran facilitator, expresses her views here.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the first quarter of 2022 at TTF

India Glossary of Life Skills

Since 2021, TTF has been part of the LSC that comprises 18 partner organisations, working in 4 Indian states (Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand and Mizoram)

TTF is the anchoring partner for developing a first-of-its- kind, India Glossary of Life Skills. February '22 was celebrated as the Glossary Engagement Month to disseminate awareness of the Glossary in the education and NGO ecosystem.
TTF hosted 'Teacher Tuesdays' across the month conducting fun activities like Dumb Charades, Treasure Hunt and a thought provoking Webinar, all centred around the Glossary.

Do explore the India Glossary:

and the LSC Website:

Administering the Life Skills Assessment Tools in 5 districts of Maharashtra

In addition to the Glossary, TTF also supported the assessment partners in the administering of the life skills assessment tools in 5 districts of Maharashtra - Thane, Jalna, Nagpur, Solapur and Washim.
TTF completed the collection of assessment data on future readiness and personal well-being from 10,000 students across these districts.

Completion of the Project on Mental Health & Psychosocial Support for Children & Youth – supported by CBM Italy & CBM India

This 3 pronged project entailed using TTF’s Indian Social Emotional Learning Framework (ISELF)to develop:

1. the i-ISELF Curriculum - 50 lesson plans, using the Quality Circle Time approach, to foster social emotional learning and inclusion amongst children with disabilities and disadvantaged backgrounds from rural Bangalore.

2. assessement tools to measure SEL amongst 15 – 24 year olds.

3. a training programme to build capacity of the teachers to use the content and tools | training programme.

The above materials are now available in English & Kannada

Coaching for School Success (CFSS)

CFSS is TTF’s most rigorous and in-depth course for senior teachers, coordinators and department heads. The 3rd online batch of Coaching for School Success (CFSS) culminated with a virtual 'graduation ceremony'.

20 graduating coaches from schools across India and Bangladesh, along with their coachees, attended the online ceremony. The online CFSS comprises 26 synchronous sessions of 2 hours each; pre & post session tasks, assignments and coaching support. Click here to listen to Taskeya Ahmed from DPS Dhaka.

Whole School Quality Circle Time (QCT)

With in-person classes resuming across the country, TTF’s inperson trainings too have begun! 45 Primary School teachers from Young Scholars School, Barnala participated in a 2 day workshop on Jenny Mosley's Whole School Quality Time (QCT). With a focus on self esteem, collaboration, mutual trust, respect and empathy, these sought-after workshops enable participants to foster Social and Emotional Learning and Well-being in students and teachers alike. Click here to watch a short clip of the parachute activity, one of the uplifting moments in this programme.

Getting Acquainted with ISELF

Every year TTF organises orientation sessions to teachers and individuals who wish to use the Indian Social Emotional Learning Framework (ISELF).
30 participants from schools across India participated in a recent Introduction to ISELF. Some of the key objectives of this 3 session module include - examining perceptions and beliefs on SEL, implications of SEL for teachers & students and getting familiar with the different components of ISELF & its accompanying Handbook.

 Completion of Year 1 of Prerana - Teacher Accelerator Programme, Mumbai 

TTF has completed the first year of the 2-year online Teacher Accelerator Programme (TAP) with over 1000 teachers and heads from 37 affordable private schools in Mumbai. TAP aims to equip the teachers with effective pedagogical and digital skills to ensure that their students have meaningful learning experiences. Besides, the 37 heads are supported to enhance their school leadership skills and assist them to manage schools in a post-pandemic era.

Every Teacher,

More Enabled, More Inspired

On average, a teacher teaches 40 children a year.
Over a 25 year career, that is one thousand children.
That means, when we enable and inspire ONE teacher,
we touch over ONE THOUSAND lives.
So contribute to ONE teacher’s training and
touch the lives of a thousand children!

Rs 2,000 / $30: Enables 1 student to improve learning
outcomes in a joyful and conducive government school

classroom for an entire year

Rs 3,500 / $50: Equips 1 government school teacher
with skills to teach effectively and positively
impact the learning of 30 students.

Rs 7,000 / $100: Equips 1 government school classroom
with a library and teaching-learning material for the
students and teacher

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