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We are excited about 2022 as TTF turns 20 and we have several offerings and events themed around the number 20. So stay tuned !

The Pandemic, despite the suffering it has brought with it, has also led to an explosion of ideas, innovation and creativity; not only in the field of medicine (and yes, a big thank you for that) but also in the field of education where teachers have been exposed to a plethora of new ways to teach, the world over. They have struggled, juggled and laboured through their work, with the single minded goal that ‘Learning must continue for children, anywhere and anytime’ (Shukla Bose, Founder Parikrma Humanity Foundation).

With that very purpose and vision in mind, The Teacher Foundation continues training teachers on contemporary ways of teaching; enabling them to make a difference in every child they teach. Let us celebrate the new year with fresh hope and plans to create new paths of learning to help every child realise their full potential.

Here's a quick snapshot of the last quarter of 2021 at TTF.

The power of the collective! LSC comprises 18 partner organisations including TTF working in 4 Indian states (Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand and Mizoram)

TTF is the anchoring partner for developing a first-of-its- kind, India Glossary of Life Skills, based on careful research. The first draft of the LSC India Glossary of Life Skills was successfully launched in December 2021.

LSC Glossary:

LSC Website:

The India Glossary is designed to provide teachers, state governments and NGOs a ready resource of 51 Life Skills, defined comprehensively and described in terms of how they are manifested in young people.

LifeSkillsNet, an ecosystem engagement initiative by LSC held its first External Open House also in December 2021. The Open House anchored engaging and insightful conversations with 81 people from the Life Skills space, from 14+ language backgrounds. The event was successfully co-facilitated and co-hosted by Sattva Consulting and TTF. Click here for more details 

LSC's Covid Response - TTF conducts QCT with Master Trainers, Mizoram

TTF completed Phase 1 of the Quality Circle Time training for 30 Master Trainers from Mizoram. This joint collaboration with The Magic Bus Foundation in Mizoram, aims to equip 900 teachers with the knowledge and required skills to use gentle conversation as a tool to foster mental well being. This initiative will positively impact the lives of 27000 students across Mizoram.

Teacher Accelerator Programme - Mumbai

Teaching as Relationships and Energize Online Learning were the subjects of focus for the teachers of KCA St Francis School in Mumbai. They explored the use of different online tools to make lessons more interesting and effective; and how positive relationships between the teacher and students enhance classroom experiences. A participant writes, "Teacher-student relationships must be strong. A teacher is a motivator, guide and inspiration to students."

Heads' Training Mumbai

Leaders and Heads from 37 Affordable Private Schools in Mumbai attended a 2 day online training on the theme 'Annual School Development Planning'. Held on 8th and 9th December, 2021, the participants identified school development needs and examined the steps in Planning. They also brainstormed to formulate SMART development goals and create an action plan for each goal.
Sayali Khade, Supervisor, Manori Branch, Rishi Valmiki School says,
'The session was a very reflective one. It made us realise the minute details required before, during and after planning for any goal. Every planning step had an activity which made the concept more clear. We are definitely going to implement all the strategies discussed during the meeting and plan our next academic year. I am confident that in the next year we will reach our goals and they will be realistic, measurable and time bound.'

School Improvement @ Sudhagad Pali, Raigad District

Over 200 teachers and Heads from 80 schools in Sudhagad Pali, Raigad district are participating in TTF’s School Improvement Programme. This initiative supported by Swades Foundation, offers a holistic and coherent professional development experience that includes vital training sessions for teachers/heads and extensive school-based support. TTF also conducts demo lessons in their schools to help teachers and heads see the full potential for student-centred learning practices in their own classrooms, despite existing constraints. This is aimed to embed better teaching practices in their classrooms.

HeadLAMP - Heads Leadership & Management Programme
2021's second batch of HeadLAMP, the 18 module online rigorous flagship course for school leaders culminated with the Capstone Project Presentation. 15 school leaders from leading schools across India and Bangladesh shared their chosen themes ranging from embedding effective use of technology in teaching to enhancing the use of data from student feedback and lesson observations to improve teaching and learning.

QCT – the first face-to-face
workshop of 2021!

Over 55 teachers from VidyaShilp group of schools participated in a 2 day workshop on Jenny Mosley's Whole School Quality Circle Time (QCT) on 7th and 8th October, 2021. QCT helps foster Social & Emotional Learning and Well-being in children and teachers alike with a focus on self esteem, collaboration, mutual trust, respect and empathy.

Designing Interdisciplinary Units

TTF worked with a select cohort of middle school teachers from Neev Academy on designing an Interdisciplinary unit on Foods of Karnataka, aiming to combine 3rd language learning, critical thinking, Value Education, SEL and SUPW.

Ankita Thomas writes, The IDU training with TTF consisted of comprehensive and insightful explanations and techniques of making our classroom teaching and learning process more meaningful. The training was resourceful which further helped us as teachers to understand the importance of developing better student friendly learning outcomes for our lessons. It also paved the path for us teachers to understand the significance of critical thinking which again is important for both educators and learners.’

Child Safeguarding & Swim Teachers

Swim teachers from across the country participated in a workshop led by Maya Menon on Safeguarding: Safe You, Safer Me. The workshop was organized by Swimming Matters, an organization that aims to make swimming excellence and water safety an integral part of Indian education.The workshop highlighted for swim teachers, the importance of being sensitive to learners' needs and exploring what constitutes child abuse and would be acceptable behaviour towards children in the swimming pool. Munazza Habibulla, CEO, Swimming Matters, says, "This first of its kind workshop brought attention to this vital aspect in sport, especially swimming - Maya made this complex subject accessible to all. The mix of knowledge sharing and interactive activities helped participants understand the concept of safeguarding learners at the pool, addressing vulnerabilities, exploring the uncomfortable ideas of abuse, neglect and harassment, and identifying practices that swim coaches need to employ to manage such situations."
Every Teacher,

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On average, a teacher teaches 40 children a year.
Over a 25 year career, that is one thousand children.
That means, when we enable and inspire ONE teacher,
we touch over ONE THOUSAND lives.
So contribute to ONE teacher’s training and
touch the lives of a thousand children!

Rs 2,000 / $30: Enables 1 student to improve learning
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Rs 3,500 / $50: Equips 1 government school teacher
with skills to teach effectively and positively
impact the learning of 30 students.

Rs 7,000 / $100: Equips 1 government school classroom
with a library and teaching-learning material for the
students and teacher

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