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January to March 2024

Welcome to 2024!

We've been bustling with activity, from engaging workshops to informative webinars and a collective for Heads and Leaders. Do read below about TTF's busy time through the first quarter of 2024!

School Leaders'Collective

The School Leaders' Collective held on 16th February saw a band of Heads and Leaders from 30 schools across Bangalore, on the topic 'New Strands of Assessment'.
The School Report Card, Assessment of Teacher Effectiveness and Assessing Students' Social and Emotional competencies (through Sambhav - a new tool developed by TTF) were the focal points of the Collective. It culminated with a quick quiz on the participants'understanding of the topics discussed.


TTF held 2 webinars this quarter.
Mastery Orienta
tion as a Life Skill (a Lifeskills Collaborative initiative) on March 15th focused on how mastery orientation is an emphasis on acquiring new skills, learning and improving oneself, enjoying and seeking challenges and persisting in the face of obstacles.

While the webinar held on 21st March focused
again on the 'New Strands of Assessment' - helping schools across the country get familiar with creating their own Report Cards, 9-box grid to track Teacher Personal & Professional Effectiveness; and assessment of students' Social and Emotional Learning Skills through Sambhav.
Both webinars were streamed live on Facebook and YouTube respectively.

A round up of TTF’s work this past Quarter

TTF's Work with the Public School System

Life Skills Collaborative (LSC)

TTF is the Glossary track partner of LSC that comprises 18 partner organisations, working in 4 Indian states (Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand and Mizoram).
Glossary Translation: LSC India's Glossary of Life Skills has been translated into 5 additional Indian languages & is now available to the public in Hindi, Marathi, Mizo, Kannada,Telugu, Gujarati, and Punjabi. The Odiya translation will be completed by April'24.

TTF has created 62 audio and video recordings for the 7 skill tags and 52 individual
life skills in the LSC India Glossary. 7 video reels comprise adult speakers sharing their expert insights about each of the the LSC skill tags. The audio reels, meanwhile, include school children between the ages 15 and 18 sharing their understanding on a life-skill of their choice. These will be uploaded to the LSC website in Phase II of the project. 

Do explore the India Glossary:


Improving Reading and SEL skills for government school children of Karnataka (supported by United Way Bengaluru)

1000 Govt Primary School teachers Heads and Dept. officials from over 700 schools underwent training to help improve the reading and social-emotional skills of Govt school children in Bangalore Rural and Haveri districts. As part of the project, teachers were oriented to TTF's Graded Reading Assessments in Kannada and trained on Reading for Real, a module to improve reading skills in children.
Teachers were also trained on fostering social-emotional skills of children through the Whole School Quality Circle Time approach.
This project was supported by United Way, Bengaluru. Do listen to
teacher Kamalamma's testimonial on the impact of QCT here.

Improving Students' Literacy, Numeracy & Social Emotional skills in Nashik, Maharashtra
 (Supported by Pernod Ricard India) 


Aimed at transforming education in Dindori block, Nashik, TTF with support from Pernod Ricard, India, is training 100 Govt school teachers to equip them with approaches and skills to

(1) enhance their own communication and pedagogical skills in English
(2) enhance students' English language, numeracy & social-emotional Skills

Deliverables in the first year, of a 3 year project, included demonstration lessons by TTF followed by a debrief with the observing teachers; and classroom observations of teachers, followed by one-on-one feedback. Swapnali Borse gives her testimonial here.

TTF's Work with Private Schools 

 Sustained Programmes 

English Encounters of a Spoken Kind  

7 teachers from Kingsley Gardens Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Krishnagiri are undergoing an online training on English Encounters of a Spoken Kind. It focuses on enabling all teachers to enhance their proficiency in communicative English, and thereby build their confidence and fluency in the spoken language. So far they have completed 6 modules. Sheela, a participant, gives her reflection on the course here. Listen to Salima's, another participant's testimonial here. 

 SEL programme

Endline assessments were carried out in Pune Municipal schools by TTF to gauge students' social and emotional learning. This tool is a multi modal and age-banded tool based on the Indian Social Emotional Learning Framework.
These assessments aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of Lighthouse Communities' SEL programmes.


Short, Contemporary Workshops

UNSDG & NEP 2020

TTF in collaboration with UNESCO, conducted an Orientation on 'Examining UN's sustainable development goals through the lens of NEP 2020.' Over 200 educators from 9 branches of Anand Niketan schools participated in the 4 hours session in Ahmedabad.

Whole School Quality Circle Time (QCT) 

TTF conducted a 3-day training on Jenny Mosley's Whole School Quality Circle Time (QCT) and ISELF for around 100 teachers from Somaiya School, Mumbai. The focus of QCT is to develop children’s self esteem, empathy, spirit of collaboration & mutual trust and the 5 essential skills of Thinking, Looking, Speaking, Listening & Concentrating.
ISELF (Indian Social & Emotional Learning Framework) is a research-based educational resource developed by TTF to foster social and emotional development of Indian children, using a carefully age-banded approach, from 6 to 18 years.
Jasmine Shah, a participant, says, "One must
first focus on one's own self esteem before working with children." While Riya Rajesh Shanbhag says her learnings include 'How SEL can be implemented in the classroom through QCT.'

Every Teacher,

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impact the learning of 30 students.

Rs 7,000 / $100: Equips 1 government school classroom
with a library and teaching-learning material for the
students and teacher

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